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Safari tents, a proven recipe. You can rent them everywhere in France. And what makes our tents slightly different?


Our tents are hidden in our pine forest with high trees and a view of the surrounding vineyard, which makes them unique! We are situated close to the coast, on a clear day we can see the Mediterranean Sea. Much attention has been paid to the furnishings, beautiful colors and fine details. From a tablecloth to an oyster knife, from a beautiful wine glass to a good bed. Other inhabitants of this forest are mainly crickets, squirrels and birds.

The our tents are new (2021-2020).

They are all tents on top spots with mosquito netting on the windows, large wooden decking, outdoor furniture, a hammock, water in the kitchen and your own outdoor private bathroom ... just bring your bag.


There are 3 different tents, so something for everyone (but difficult to choose).


There are two Coco tents named Terret and Alicante. The Cocos are elongated tents with 3 small rooms: bedroom with 1 double bed, a living room (small), a kitchen with a fridge, kettle and storage space. The rest of the kitchen is an outdoor kitchen and is located on the deck under the arched awning. So you cook outside and eat outside. Next to the Coco tent is a small tent with 2 beds for the children. So they sleep in their own tent, next to you!

The Safari tents named Merlot and Carignan: spacious, complete tents, attractively furnished and decorated with great care and with a beautiful view of the vineyard. Everyone wants to wake up like this! Each tent has a bedroom with 1 bed for 3 children (so 3 sleeping places) and a bedroom with 1 double bed. Furthermore, of course, a 'living room' with a kitchen unit (gas burners, refrigerator, kettle). The outdoor furniture is on the spacious veranda.

At the places Syrah and Grenache are Lodge Safari tents :  spacious robust tents with top beds here again and nothing is missing. There are 2 bedrooms, one with 1 double bed and the other with 2 single beds. Furthermore, there is a kitchen corner with running water, refrigerator, kettle and the outdoor furniture is on the terrace. One is so beautiful that Marit wants to live there herself and the other one has an irresistible evening sun.




Oh, la la, des croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes, pain complet ..


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