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la piscine, our pool, zwembad
get together in one of the gardens
devil is in the details
olijven en zon
drone saint paul overzicht
la vigne
Uitzicht op de wijnranken





A stone's throw from the Mediterranean fishing and wine town of Meze, lies Domaine Saint Paul le Marseillais. Hidden for centuries between vineyards and pine forests, on the Roman Via Domitia, which used to be a trade route between Italy and Spain. There is only one footpath left of this.

Domaine Saint Paul le Marseillais is still in the heart of the vineyards and pine forests. Marit has an agricultural exploitation on the domain with fruit trees, olive trees, vegetables and herbs. We work biologically or at least nature-friendly as much as possible. The horses fertilize the vegetable gardens and the oyster and mussel shells from the seafood suppliers in Meze are used to harden the paths.

Both on the domain itself and in the immediate vicinity, there is a lot to see and to do: the beaches with miles of sand and the trendy beach bars, delicious food at the countless restaurants and bars, wine tasting at the winegrowers in the surroundings, the wide boulevards of Montpellier, lose yourself in the flea market town of Pezenas, be amazed by the fishing boats in Sete. Rent a sailboat, learn (kite) surfing, canoeing, walking and cycling.

Or ... just do nothing: relax by your tent or your house, by the pool, under the fig tree ... A dip in the pool, a game of jeu-de-boule, a 'cafe au lait' and a glass of wine. ..

It is as French as it gets.

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