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Domaine Saint Paul le Marseillais is already on maps from 1831. It has always been a wine estate. The Via Domitia, a - partly restored - Roman road that was built in 117-118 BC runs along the domaine. At first it was the road to move the armies from Spain to Italy and later the Via became an important vein for trade. Saint Paul le Marseillais once served as a resting place along the Via Domitia and there has been an inn. The current domain consists of more than 8 hectares. The grapes that used to belong to the domain still grow around these hectares.

On the terrace of Saint Paul you can enjoy a delicious glass of wine from local wine producers. The beautiful, sloping vineyards provide the idyllic view around the tents and most of the gites.


There is a lot to do in the (immediate) surroundings, almost too much to mention:


  • Visit cities and towns,

  • Get active: canoeing, cycling, hiking, golf, swimming, renting donkeys, tennis, karting, sailing

  • Visit a dinosaur park, zoo, museums

  • Relaxing: beach and rivers


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