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At Saint Paul, the children eat a children's menu together at a children's table in the playground. After this they can play again to their heart's content (and the parents can eat and dine in peace). There are huts in the forest around the tents, what could be more fun than playing there, or maybe building a new hut?

There is plenty to do for the older children (12+). We try, as far as possible, to place children of the same age in the same weeks.

There are tennis courts nearby - with a view of the sea - and you can enjoy sailing, kite surfing and canoeing in the area. maybe a bike ride under the plane trees, along the Canal du Midi? You can also make the children happy with a visit to the climbing forest, or - for the older ones - to the swimming and slide paradise Aqualand. You can of course also enjoy the tranquility on Saint Paul, interrupted only by the sounds of the crickets. Endless jumping on the big trampoline, or a game of 'Jeu de boules' or 'kubben' on our track, perhaps a football tournament and then quickly swim again!


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