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rockery: plates, mugs, (wine) glasses

children's tableware: cutlery, plates and cups.


Cutlery: knives, forks, (dessert) spoons, tea spoons, oyster knife, bread knife and salad cutlery.


Kitchen utensils: frying pan, pans, cutting boards, colander, measuring cup, garlic press, can opener, scissors, pasta spoon, vegetable peeler, soup spoon, mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, water jug, teapot, coffee filter, kettle, 2 tea towels, salad bowl and other dishes.


And an ashtray and matches, fly swatter, dishcloth and washing-up brush, dustpan, tablecloth with clamps, refrigerator, 2 burner gas stove.

Interior: clothes hangers, laundry bag, mirror.

A double bed with bed linen and 2 or 3 single beds with bed linen.

Outside: table, benches, cushions, 2 lounge chairs, hammock. Coco Tents Alicante/Terret have an outdoor sofa.

In all tents there is cold running water in the kitchen unit and of course electricity.


Sorry but you are not allowed to use your own bbq (or something similar) because of the fire hazard.

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